Tuesday, June 16, 2015

6/25, Education Meeting: What is to be done? by Lenin

Thursday June 25th 7pm 
358 Washington St Dorchester, MA

The recent emergence of social movement struggle, including the burgeoning movement for Black Lives across the country, has thrown up many questions for those on the left. How do we organize to defeat systemic racism and capitalism? What is the role of revolutionary organization in that struggle? "What Is To Be Done" makes the argument for revolutionary socialist organization that leads struggles for not only economic issues facing workers, but for each an every struggle against oppression in society.

Lenin's pamphlet, though written in 1902, raises key points for revolutionary socialists and party-building in 2015. Come join the Boston ISO for an education meeting and discussion on the pamphlet.

*Please stay tuned for information about upcoming bar discussions to prepare for the meeting*