Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Assessing SOCIALISM 2015

Assessing the
Socialism Conference 

Thursday, July 9, 7pm
358 Washington Street
Dorchester, MA

(23 Bus from Ruggles/ short walk from the Fields Corner T stop on the Red Line)
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Proposed Agenda:
1) Assessing Socialism 2015
Our branch has just returned from the Socialism 2015 conference in Chicago. Join this discussion whether you attended the conference or not!
How did building the conference go? What did you get out of the meetings and even from informal discussions with other ISO branches or activists? Our branch voted to go to two meetings together - 'What is Leninism?' and 'Anarcho-Liberalism and it's Discontents'. Were these the right meetings for our branch? What did you think of the talk and discussion?
What are some next steps we can begin thinking about coming out of the conference?