Saturday, August 15, 2015

8/27 Panel debate about Bernie Sanders

A panel debate sponsored by the International Socialist Organization 

Thursday, 8/27, 7pm
First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain
633 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130

Bernie Sanders' entry into the Democratic Primary for the party's presidential nomination has triggered a debate on the left. Some have enthusiastically rallied to his candidacy as a chance to transform the Democratic Party. Others have criticized his entry into the Democratic Party as following the precedent of Dennis Kucinich to corral radicals back into a capitalist party. And still others are building independent formations in solidarity with his campaign as a way to consolidate a larger organized left. This panel will offer various viewpoint to discuss and debate how the left should approach the Sanders campaign.

Howie Hawkins has been an organizer in movements for peace, justice, labor, and the environment since 1967. As the New York Green Party's candidate for Governor in 2010, he campaigned for progressive taxes and revenue sharing as the alternative to Andrew Cuomo's cuts to schools, cities, and public services. He received nearly 60,000 votes, which gave the Green Party a ballot line statewide for the next four years. Hawkins works at UPS unloading trucks, where he is a member of Teamsters Local 317 and active in Teamsters for a Democratic Union, US Labor Against the War, and the Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare. His articles have appeared in Against the Current, CounterPunch, Green Politics, International Socialist Review, Labor Notes, New Politics, Peace and Democracy News, Z Magazine, and other publications. He is the editor of Independent Politics: The Green Party Strategy Debate (Haymarket Books, 2006).

Ashley Smith is a member of the editorial board of the International Socialist Review, to which he is a frequent contributor. His writing has also appeared on ZNet, Dissident Voice, CounterPunch and Socialist Worker. He lives in Vermont and is a member of the National Writers Union.

Jason Lowenthal is a member of People for Bernie, the Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee, and the Green-Rainbow Party in Massachusetts.

Jake Altman serves on the executive board of the Boston local of the Democratic Socialists of America. Jake is also a member and former officer of UE Local 896-COGS, a local union affiliated with the proudly independent United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America.