Sunday, September 6, 2015

9/10 Education Meeting: Towards a Revolutionary Socialist Party

Boston ISO Education Meeting: 

Toward a Revolutionary Socialist Party
By Duncan Hallas

(23 Bus from Ruggles,  or a short walk from the Fields Corner T stop on the Red Line)
For more info call 617.902.0476
Socialists aim to change the world and have always sought to organize themselves as effectively as possible in order to achieve this goal.
But what sort of organization do we need? Revolutionaries today have come to many different conclusions on this question. The classic essay,Towards a Revolutionary Socialist Party, by  British Marxist Duncan Hallas shows why we need something more than single-issue organizations, movement coalitions, or reformist organizations if we are to over throw capitalism and replace it with a system based on working class democratic control.

It also dispels the myths about “democratic centralism” and demonstrate that the kind of socialist party that Lenin built, and the Russian Revolution that the Bolsheviks lead had nothing in common with the Stalinist despotism that replaced it.

Come join the ISO for a discussion of this important article. The reading is available for free online, just click here!