Friday, October 16, 2015

10/18 Meaning of Marxism Ch 7

Join the Meaning of Marxism discussion group

This Sunday 10/18 at 6 pmBoston Common Coffee Co.
115 Washington St.

To discuss Chapter 7 of Paul D'Amato's The Meaning of Marxism
Democracy, Reform, and Revolution
The 2016 election season has been a major focus of conversation. In the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders is igniting masses of people around his call for a "political revolution". At the same time, the movement to jail killer cops and achieve a world where black lives matter continues to shape political conversations amongst ordinary people.

How do Marxists understand the Democratic Party & the government (what we call the state) under capitalism? What does a real revolution look like? What's the relationship between fighting for reforms today and winning a revolution?

Join the Boston ISO for our next installment of the ongoing "Meaning of Marxism" series -- a great way to deepen your understanding of Marxism as part of participating with the ISO. Books can be purchased from the Boston branch or at your local retailer.

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