Thursday, October 1, 2015

10/4 Meaning of Marxism

Join the Meaning of Marxism discussion group

This Sunday 10/4 at 6 pmBoston Common Coffee Co.
115 Washington St.

To discuss Chapter 6 of Paul D'Amato's The Meaning of Marxism
No Power Greater: The Working Class
"Shut it down!" "No justice? No peace!" "Put your body on the gear of the machine"... in the course of any struggle for justice, there's always a struggle for power. Masses of people must contend with the massive power of the capitalist system and its governments in order to achieve any shred of reform.

For Marxists, the working class holds the key levers of power for not only fighting for reforms today, but for overthrowing capitalism and instituting a new, fully democratic society. Working class revolution is the cornerstone of Marxism, and understanding the working class is key to understanding so much of the theory and practice of socialists today.

Join the Boston ISO for our next installment of the ongoing "Meaning of Marxism" series -- a great way to deepen your understanding of Marxism as part of participating with the ISO. Books can be purchased from the Boston branch or at your local retailer.

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