Friday, October 16, 2015

Sat. 11/14 Day School on Russian Revolution

New England Marxism Day School
The Russian Revolution, the Bolshevik Party, & Leninism
Saturday, November 14th at 10am
135 Shillman Hall, Northeastern University

The International Socialist Organization will be hosting a New England wide day school on the Russian Revolution based on Paul LeBlanc's book "Lenin and the Revolutionary Party" on Saturday November 14th.


Lenin and the Revolutionary Party, Paul LeBlanc
(available from Haymarket Books or the ISO)

We've seen numerous struggles over the past year, from Black Lives Matter to the fight against austerity in Greece to the Seattle Teachers' strike. But our movements have also faced major political questions.

Genuine socialism can only come about through the actions of tens of millions of working-class people fighting in their own interest. Yet, the ruling ideas of any society are the ideas of the ruling class. Many working-class and oppressed people hold left wing ideas and right-wing, bourgeois ideas that can hold back struggle. 

How then can mass socialist revolution be possible?

This day school is designed to deepen our understanding of the Russian Revolution and the Bolshevik Party as a key example of successful working class revolution and organization. By studying Paul LeBlanc's "Lenin & the Revolutionary Party", we hope to take this history and it's lessons into the struggles & debates today in fighting for a world free of exploitation & oppression. Join us!

Session 1 - Building the Party: 1895-1914
A discussion on Lenin & the Rev. Party, Chapters 1-9

Session 2 - February to October: The Bolsheviks Come to Power
A discussion on Lenin & the Rev. Party, Chapters 10 & 11

If you are unable to read LeBlanc's book, please read: 

The Meaning of Marxism, Chapter 8: From Marx to Lenin: Marxism and Political Organization, Paul D'Amato