Monday, January 4, 2016

The Democrats and Lesser Evilism

The Democrats and Lesser Evilism  

Thursday January 7th 2016
Montserrat Aspirer's Community Center
358 Washington St, Dorchester MA
(23 Bus from Ruggles or short walk from Fields Corner on the Red Line)

With Donald Trump rising in the polls and Hillary Clinton panning out to be the Democratic Party's likely nominee, many on the Left are already beginning to say that activists must throw their weight behind Clinton, no mater how bad her track record. Whether or not movements and activists should support the Democratic Party as a "lesser evil" has been a long standing debate on the Left. In the International Socialist Organization, we believe that supporting the Democratic Party is a dead end street, instead socialists and radicals should build an independent left wing alternative to the two party system.

Join the Boston Branch of the ISO for a discussion of Hal Draper's classic pamphlet, "Who's going to be the lesser evil in 1968?" and the lessons it holds for the political questions confronting radicals today surrounding the 2016 elections.

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