Thursday, June 9, 2016

6/16 Fighting for the Schools We Deserve

Fighting for the Schools We Deserve

Budget Cuts and the Assault on Public Education

Thursday, June 16th | 7 PM
358 Washington St, Dorchester, MA
A public forum hosted by the International Socialist Organization

On March 7th thousands of Boston students walked out of classes to protest against proposed budget cuts of $50 million. Students, with the support of their parents, teachers, and community members carried signs reading "Black Students Matter" and "Cranes in the Sky: Cuts in Our Schools." And despite Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announcing that he was opposed to the cuts in education spending, there will still be a budgetary shortfall that will likely hit early childhood learners and students with disabilities the hardest. But this is not unique. Nationwide state governments are slashing school budgets, expanding public funding for private charter schools, and instituting a regime of test-and-punish on teachers and students alike. Now more than ever what is needed is a united resistance, of students, parents, teachers, and education activists against the austerity measures and neoliberal agenda.

JAHI SPALOSS is a Boston Public Schools student and student walkout organizer

AMANDA ACHIN is a higher education activist, staff employee at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and a member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA)

LAUREN NICKELL is a teacher, a member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA), and an education justice activist

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