Wednesday, June 22, 2016

6/23- Socialism: What it is and how do we get there?

The International Socialist Organization presents a public forum
What is it and how do we get there?

Thursday,  June 23, 7pm
Montserrat Aspirers Center
358 Washington Street, Dorchester

(A short walk from Fields Corner T stop on the Red Line, or the 23 Bus from Ruggles)
For more info - 617-902-0476 or 

Socialism has been one of the most talked about words in the past year, it was even the most looked up word in the Webster dictionary in 2015. The popularity of Bernie Sanders’ campaign shows that many people are seeking out an alternative to capitalism and are for the first time embracing socialism. But what exactly does socialism mean? And how would we get there?

These are crucial questions for a generation of people facing a world of racist police violence, crippling student debt, a low wage job market, sexual violence, endless wars and environmental destruction. We desperately need an alternative to capitalism, a system driven by profit, but what would an alternative look like and how could we actually win another world?

Join the Boston ISO this week to discuss the different meanings of socialism and the case for why we need to look to the real Marxist tradition of “socialism from below”.

We will be discussing Two Souls of Socialism by Hal Draper. In his pamphlet The Two Souls of Socialism, Hal Draper makes the case that Karl Marx stood for "socialism from below" against other socialistcurrents.