Monday, July 31, 2017

8/3, Public Forum: Fight Trump's attacks on trans rights!

Intl Socialist Org Public Forum
Fight Trump's attacks on trans rights!

Thursday, August 3, 7pm
358 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA
23 Bus from Ruggles or short walk from the Fields Corner T station

The president's ban on trans people in the military is a license to the world's largest employer to discriminate and oppress.

Trump claims his ban is motivated by concern about health care costs. But there is a wider attack underway. The same day, the Justice Department filed a legal brief arguing that federal law does not bar discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Make no mistake: Trump's announcement is part and parcel of a right-wing offensive against the rights of all LGBT people, and trans people in particular. This assault has included, most notoriously, restrictions and laws against access to bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity--with the Texas being the latest state government to take up this reactionary proposal.

Join the Boston ISO for a public forum this week about Trumps most recent egregious attacks and the need to fight back.