Wednesday, November 29, 2017

11/30 Republicans' Deadly Tax Plan & Budget Cuts

The Republicans' Deadly Tax Plan & Budget. Thurs 11/30/17, 7 PM

Republicans' Deadly Tax Plan & Budget Cuts

This Thursday, November 30th at 7 pm
Coffee Bar, Hilles Student Center
59 Shepard St, Harvard University, Cambridge
With the end of the year looming, congressional Republicans are attempting to push through a budget that would deliver what amounts to a one-two punch – huge tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, to be paid for by even deeper cuts to social programs that the working class depends on. How can we fight these cuts and who are our allies?

Proposed Agenda:
• The Republicans' deadly tax plan and budget cuts (60 min)
Please read to prepare:
• This week in the ISO (60 min)